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Event Registration
Register to event as a "Educational Institution"

Educational Information Sessions are a strategic way to showcase your institution’s post-diploma, certificate or graduate programs to a targeted student audience and meet with our enthusiastic and talented students.
Why host an information session:

  • Meet face-to-face with qualified and engaged undergraduate students.
  • Raise your profile on campus by connecting with students from a specific program or degree area.
Registration for an Educational Information Session includes:
  • Logistical planning for your session provided by the Events & Employer Services Coordinator (Sarah Goody) in Co-op & Career Services including room bookings, AV equipment, event registration management, etc. 
  • On-site Event Host to provide set-up and tear-down support at your session.
  • Promotion through a variety of different channels including social media, direct email marketing to student clubs, program counselling offices, and other campus partners, departmental listservs and print media.
  • Use of AV equipment including laptops, projectors, and speakers.
  • WIFI access while on campus.
  • Parking.
Registration Cost:
  • The fee to host an Information Session on campus is $175.  Please note, there is a $100 cancellation fee for Information Sessions cancelled less than 30 days before the event.
  • Additional Services: There can be costs associated with an Information Session, which can include catering, use of some on-campus venues other than a classroom, some AV requests. 
  • Catering: Institutions wishing to provide refreshments during their session must use the University’s on-campus Hospitality Services 
After you complete your registration:
  • Credit card payment: You will receive confirmation and receipt of payment.
  • Invoice payment: You will receive an electronic invoice with payment instructions. Confirmation will be sent when payment is received. 
  • For questions regarding invoicing and payment, please contact Carole Shirley at or 519-824-4120 x52218.

Educational Information Session Dates:
  • Winter 2018: January 10th-April 6th, 2018

Note: There are peak times during each semester when students will be very busy with assignments, projects and midterms.  Co-op & Career Services will work with you to select a date  
If you require more information about hosting an Educational Information Session please contact: 
Sarah Goody, Events & Employer Services Coordinator
(519) 824 - 4120 x 52432



Contact Information

Information Session Questions
(as confirmed with CECS Event Co-ordinator)

(as confirmed with CECS Event Co-ordinator)

What academic program areas would you like to see students from?

Do you require a laptop provided by our office? You are welcome to bring your own if you prefer.

Do you require a projector provided by our office?

Are there other equipment requests that we might be able to assist you with?

Please provide a description of this Information Session, including what the student can expect from this event, and the program(s) that will be discussed.

This description will be used to promote the event and the opportunities. Descriptions can be as short as a few sentences but it is recommended that they be at least 2 paragraphs, to give the student a good summary.

If you do not have this available now, please email this description to Sarah Goody as soon as possible (in order to maximize promotion of your event). Your event will begin to be promoted once this description is received.

If yes, please note that the University has a policy that food and drink served must be from University of Guelph's Hospitality Services. Please view this website if you are considering ordering food or drinks for your Information Session.

If you are considering simple food like sandwiches, pizza, desserts, coffee, etc., and want it delivered, look at the Casual Catering section.

Questions about Casual Catering or ready to order? You are welcome to order online. For questions, please contact: or 519.824.4120 x 52243.

If you do decide to order food, make sure to mention this in your event description!
Possibly, I don't know right now

If arriving between 830am and 430pm, parking reservations needs to be made. The cost of one parking spot will be covered within the cost of your Information Session. Please indicate if there will be more than one vehicle that parking arrangements need to made for during these hours (additional costs will apply).
If your Session is at 5:30pm, there are no limits on the number of cars that can arrive as there is ample parking after 4:30pm and no costs involved.

Parking directions will be emailed closer to the date of the event.
Required Event Options
Optional Event Activities